Past Exhibitions

Silke Höppner, "Stephansdom", 2017
Chalk on paper, 21,0 cm x 30,8 cm

Silke Höppner

Ines Westenhöfer
Ursula Güttsches

Vernissage July 27th, 7pm
July 28th – August 26th 2018

About: Silke Höppner

Born 1966 in Dresden, Germany | Diploma painter and graphic artist | 1989-1991 Assistance in the “Galerie am Domhof” at Zwickau | 1991-1997 Studies of painting and graphics arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden with the professors Siegfried Klotz and Ralf Kerbach | 2000-2002 Master Student with Prof. Ralf Kerbach | since 2008 self-employed in Dresden, working and living in the Artists House Dresden | 1995 Winner of the poster competition “International Year for Tolerance” of the German UNESCO-Commision, 1997 6th Art Price of the town of Riesa, 1998 Studio Grant at Schloss Scharfenberg, 2000 International Symposium of the Otto-Niemeyer-Holstein-Gedenkstätte Lüttendorf/Usedom, 2001 Ernst-Rietschel-Grant for Master Students of the "Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden" of the Ernst-Rietschel-Kulturring e.V. Pulsnitz, 2010 Symposium at the "Festung Königstein" near Dresden, Germany | Solo Exhibitions and Co-Exhibitions in Dresden, Bautzen, Pirna, Moritzburg, Pulsnitz, Großsedlitz, Lüttendorf/Usedom, Heringsdorf, Venice (Italy) | Public art ownership: Städtische Galerie, Dresden, Sächsische Landesärztekammer, Dresden, as well as private ownership

Andreas Garn
Left Eye Flint and other animals

24. June – 22. July 2018

Andreas Garn, from the cycle "Left Eye Flint and other animals", 2015
cold point etching, 30 x 40 cm
About: Andreas Garn

1955 born in Dresden | 1973 Technical diploma as BSMR technician | 1980 Graduate in the painting and drawing school of Frank Panse VBK/GDR | 1980 Working in the restoration workshop of the cathredal in Meissen, living in the castle of Scharfenberg and foundation of a gallery with U. Böduel in the castle | 1982-85 Admission as candidate in the Verband Bildender Künstler (VBK) | 1985 Member of the VBK, since then self-employed in Dresden | 1990 Founding member of a artist cooperative in Berlin | 1991 Founding member of the art society „Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz“ e.V. | since 1992 Trainer for drawing/graphic/free forming/material- and object images | 1992 Founding member of the sound performance group SARDH | 2001 Working grant of the cultural office of the town of Dresden | 2002 Grant and working residence at the town of Salzburg (Austria) | 2006 Contest winner of „Kunst am Bau“, district court Meissen | Exhibition et al in Berlin, Burglengenfeld, Dresden, Chemnitz, Duisburg, Essen, Freital, Görlitz, Naumburg, Magdeburg, Riesa, Solingen, Barcelona (Spain), Casablanca (Morocco), Hajduböszörnemey (Hungary), Milan (Italy), Swieradow (Poland), Rabat (Morocco), Tangier (Morocco), Valencia (Spain), Wroclaw (Poland) | Study journeys to Austria, Bulgaria, Corse, Czechia, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland

Hans-Joachim Hennig

May 20 – June 17, 2018

Hans-Joachim Hennig, View to the Vesuvius, 2005
Aquqrell, 24 x 32 cm
About: Hans-Joachim Hennig

Born 1945 in Rendsburg / Schleswig-Holstein | Childhood and schooltime in Hamburg, Mecklenburg and Thüringen | Education as male nurse, military service, unsuccessful efforts for a study of painting and graphics in Berlin-Weißensee | Studies of cultural science/art history at the University of Leipzig | Working for the cultural department of the unions in Leipzig | Employee in a state-run design facility (Office for industrial shaping) in Dresden | Around 1990 - after a 25 years break - resumption of artistic activity, cooperation in cultural associations, participation in projects as well as own domestic and foreign exhibitions | 2017
Exhibitions in Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig, Kleinsassen, Moritzburg, Neschwitz, Neuzelle, Vienna/Austria, Bogota/Colombia, Quito/Ecuador

Ute Wittig

March 25 – May 6, 2018

Ute Wittig, Still life with fish
50 x 40 cm
Öl on Cardboard
About: Ute Wittig

born 1936 in Dessau | 1955-57 Studies at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Dresden | 1957-60 Studies at the Pädagogisches Institut Dresden | 1960-62 Working as teacher | since 1961 married to Werner Wittig, 2 children | since 1962 self-employed as artist in Radebeul (near Dresden) | since 1981 Member of the Verband Bildender Künstler (Association of Artists) | six times participation in the Ausstellung der 100 Ausgewählten Grafiken der DDR (Exhibition of the 100 chosen graphics of the GDR)

Solo Exhibitions in Buchenbach bei Freiburg, Boizenburg, Chemnitz, Dresden, Göttingen, Greifswald, Hoyerswerda, Magdeburg, Meißen, Mühlhausen, Pforzheim, Pirna, Radebeul, Sigmaringen, Stralsund, Zeitz, Brüssel (Belgium) and participation in numerous group exhibitions

Doreen Papperitz

11th February - 18th March 2018
Extended until March 18, 2018!

Word: Michael Ernst, Dresden
Singing; Peter Lobert (Bass), München
Piano: Alexey Fomenkov

Doreen Papperitz, "Irrlicht", 2001
15 x 10 cm
Aquatinta Etching
About: Doreen Papperitz

1971 Born in Salzwedel (Altmark) | 1987-90 Evening Studies in painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden With Professor Helmut Symank and Professor Horst Weber | 1991-95 Studies in makeup at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden | 1996-98 Studies in painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden with Professor Siegfried Klotz and Professor Wolfram Hänsch | since 1998 self-employed

Detlef Schweiger

6th January - 4th February 2018
Vernissage 5th of January 2018 7:30 pm

Detlef Schweiger "dramat IX", 2015
100 x 78 cm
Lavur+Lineament on handmade paper

About: Detlef Schweiger

Born 1958 in Düsseldorf | Childhood and youth in Dresden | 1979-84 Studies in Art Education/Design Theory/Painting/Graphics at the Humboldt University, Berlin | lives and works since 1986 self-employed at the artist house in Dresden-Loschwitz | Managing various multimedia projects et al The Wall Inside Berlin 1990 | since 2000 yearly Morphonic Lab at the Palais Großer Garten, Dresden | since 1986 Managing the Sound-Video-Performance-Collective SARDH | since 1984 original graphical books and sound recordings in own publishing house and various publishers| 2015 Dresdner Kunst- und Wissenschaftspreis | Exhibitions et al at Berlin, Bonn, Celle, Chemnitz, Coburg, Darmstadt, Dresden, Frankenthal, Frankfurt/M, Görlitz, Hamburg, Jena, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig, Nürnberg, Ostfiltern, Regensburg, Radebeul Bratislava (Hungary), Brüssel (Belgium), Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio (USA), Juarez (Mexico), Krakau, Zgorzelec (Poland), London (Great Britain), Luxembourg, Paris (France), Prag (Czech), Sharjah (United Arabic Emirates), St.Petersburg (Russia) | Nummerous works in public and private collections

Carsten Gille
Paintings, Graphics, Sculptures

02. - 31. December 2017

Carsten Gille "Tamaras Garten", 2016
Oil on Canvas, 100 cm x 90 cm

Über: Carsten Gille

The woodcut "Teich" will
be offered for a special discount price
at the vernissage on December 1st 2017

Born 1959 in Berlin | 1979-81 Studies in Art Education and German at the University of Dresden | since 1989 self-employed as painter and graphic artist (self-taught) | Member of the Künstlerbund Dresden e.V., BBK | lives and works in Frauenstein and Berlin | Exhibitions et al at Bautzen, Berlin, Darmstadt, Dresden, Heiligenstadt, Liegau, Medingen, Ostrach, Tblissi, Georgia | Public art ownership: Gellertmuseum Hainichen, Stadtmuseum Bautzen, Museum Schloß Forderglauchau, Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, Sächsische Landesärztekammer Dresden as well as private ownership

Matthias Schroller

October 28th 2017 - November 26th 2017

Matthias Schroller, "robotron", 2010
Oil on canvas, 110 cm x 135 cm

About: Matthias Schroller

Foto: Luc Saalfeld

The woodcut "Dresdner Fenster" will
be offered for a special discount price
at the vernissage on October 27th 2017

Born 1963 in Gardelegen (Altmark) | 1981 Studies in Art Education and German at the University of Greifswald | 1988-91 Research grant of the university of Greifswald at the art university of Berlin-Weißensee | Studies of painting with Dieter Goltzsche | 1991-93 Guest lecturer for the education of art educators in Greifswald, care for the print workshop, courses for painting and etching | 1993-95 Exhibition designer and project leader art club Potsdam | 1994-99 Studies in painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden | 1999-2001 master student with Max Uhlig | since 2001 self-employed in Dresden | Exhibtions et al at Greifswald, Berlin, Mühlheim, Potsdam, Dresden, München, Chemnitz, Reutlingen, Dessau, Leipzig, Tbilisi (Georgia) | Public art ownership: Städtische Galerie Albstadt, Städtische Galerie Chemnitz, Sächsische Aufbaubank, Stadtsparkasse Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Lindenau-Museum Altenburg, Foundation Sammlung Lichtenstein as well as private ownership